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About me

A Made-to-Measure Financial Advisor for Your Business with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

I would start by observing that companies today look for a finance function that exceeds the status of rigorous accounting, being more interested in having a partner who can enhance decision and innovation. The finance function often concentrates on money value and control and sometimes forgets that we should inspire people. We have to praise the development and transformation as much as we like rigor and certitude.

This is why I decided to specialize in Transformational Finance for international blue-chip and entrepreneurial companies. Particular interest stays in creating value for different stakeholders in the actual global context, where borderless activity, virtual teams and networks, and frequent disruptive innovations are a new reality.

I’m a financial expert and innovative intra-/entrepreneur who combines more than 20 years of work in the areas of finance, technology, data, and strategy.

After holding CFO/FD positions in entrepreneurial small and medium-sized companies for several years, I developed my partnership and consulting side as a service provider for Danone. To further develop my multicultural and communication skills and the leadership traits necessary to run a finance function extended over many continents, I left my home country, and I accepted the position at Averda, in UAE. The next step was to help a well-known local entrepreneur in Romania exit two of its business lines, sold to global players (FlixBus and DerTour, part of REWE).

I returned now to freelance consulting. My main projects nowadays are:

  1. To support a SEE investment fund to turnaround one of its investments by streamlining financial, data, and information technology areas.
  2. I partner with a team of movers and shakers in Romania and launch the craziest advisory and consultancy initiative, based on Open Mindset and Inside Out principles, designed to boost local entrepreneurship – AdWise Partners.
  3. I joined the first LegalTech initiative in Romania as Execution Advisor and Start-up CFOMyLegal.ro / MyDox.ro.
  4. I partner with BEE CODED (beecoded.ro) team on growth strategy and financial topics as outsourced CFO.

Hello. I’m Dan Berciu. And my mission is to help anyone with business interest make informed decisions and achieve their business full potential.

I like to use in my activity a mix of coaching, knowledge, trust, new technology, bootstrapping, innovation, team-building, human development, and (own) limits pushing. I think you can find out some of my previous partners and colleagues, finding this at least interesting, if not challenging, but most of the time effective.

If you find me interesting and want us to connect, you can always contact me here, or on my Linkedin for any interests you may have.